IDL - Instituto Amaro da Costa
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IDL - Instituto Amaro da Costa is an independent, non-profit, political association, founded in 1975, with its public utility status recognized since 1982.

Serving the common good of the Portuguese people, IDL has as its object the research of cultural, social and political phenomena, crucial to the free exercise of democracy in Portugal, in particular regarding Christian democracy.

For this purpose IDL organizes reflection and debate meetings, promotes studies and publications, and provides the site with videos and transcriptions of the meetings, selected texts from IDL publications, as well as other resources that document its activity since the beginning.

Internationally, IDL develops relationships with similar institutions, Konrad Adenauer Foundation being a good example of this initiative, started during IDL founder's lifetime. In 2012, IDL was admitted as member of the CES-Centre for European Studies, operating from Brussels as a platform for the national think-tanks sharing the same values of the EPP - European People's Party family.

 Since Adelino Amaro da Costa's death in 1980, IDL has aimed to preserve, develop and promote his human, social and political legacy.